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Our Policies

Business Ethics
SKG Group has always maintained a straight forward, transparent and a clean approach in all its dealings. The Group always abides by all the applicable statutes, legislations and laws of the land.

Towards Work Force
Employer-Employee relations are maintained at its best. Employees are provided with good working conditions. Every effort is made to keep the employee’s morale high. SKG believes what goes around, comes around. Since employees are treated best, they also deliver best.

Towards Environment
  • To reduce pollution at every level
  • To reduce waste generation
  • To reduce consumption of resources, i.e. Water, Energy and Material

Towards Quality
SKG is committed to high quality standards for all its products and services. With its thirst on State of the art technology at every level and a wide range of products, SKG can provide ideal solutions for the stringent requirement of the customer. Backed by five decades of experience in different industries, and close association with customers, SKG will always bring new products which will give better life and value to the user.

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