Accmon Dri Lc Castable

Accmon DRI (M) LC Castable

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Accmon DRI (M) LC Castable
Product Type ACCMON DRI (M) Nature of Bond Hydraulic Installation Vibration Casting General Properties Max. Service Temperature...
Product TypeACCMON DRI (M)
Nature of BondHydraulic
InstallationVibration Casting
General Properties
Max. Service Temperature1550° C
Maximum Grain Size6 mm
Water Required For Casting5.5 – 6.0 %
Physical PropertiesTypical Value
Bulk densityg / cc
after drying at 110°C/24 hrs2.54
CCS, kg/Cm²
after drying at 110°C/24hrs680
after heating at 1100°C/3 hrs900
after heating at 1400°C/3 hrs1050
% Retained on maximum size1.0
Thermal properties
Refractoriness, Orton / °C+36/1804
after heating at 1550°C/3 hrs-0.12
After feating at 1400°C/3 hrs-0.50
Packaging25 kg bags
Storage life6 months
Delivery state drydry
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